Portable Milk Cup Heater
Portable Milk Cup Heater

Portable Milk Cup Heater


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When you put your mug on the heating pad, the heater will turn on automatically and when you remove your mug, it will turn off automatically. The electric mug warmer is safe, eco-friendly, and reliable; hence, you should definitely consider it.



Color: silver

Material: ABS + thermal panel

Uses: Cup heating plate, tray

Application: General, ordinary 220V AC power supply

Capacity: 300mL

Insulation performance: 0-6 hours

Suitable for containers: ceramic cups, plastic cups, bottles and other flat containers temperature-resistant upper than 75 degrees

Temperature: constant temperature at 40 ℃ -50 ℃

Plug type: USB

Input voltage: DC5V

Power: 2.5W

Switch Type: Manual, open the product when connected to the power switch, the indicator light

Product Size: 10 * 9.5cm * 2cm, connecting line length is 95cm

Packing size: 14.5 * 13 * 3.5cm



1, The product work (red light), do not touch the heating panel, so as to avoid burning;

2, Be sure to use flat-bottomed cup to ensure that the cup and the heating panel contact;

3, Please use glass, metal and other cups, do not use plastic cups, paper cups, in order to ensure thermal conductivity.


1. Use ordinary 220V AC power can be, with a plug, switch and light, home and office are applicable.

2. Energy-saving and safety.

3. Small size and light weight to carry.

4. Suitable for any thermal insulation, such as milk, coffee, drinks and so on.

5. Plug and play


Packing List:

1 X Milk Cup Heater

1 X Color Box

1 X Shockproof Bubble


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